State Room Albany wedding

The Experience

In shooting weddings, we look to capture each couple as they truly are.  We laugh, we cry, and become part of your day.  We understand the modern couple's needs and cater to that from day one, minute one.  

From start to finish, we capture the exact moments that tell the story of your special day. I do not classify myself as Traditional or Photojournalist. I shoot what is right for that moment and what is right for a particular bride or groom.  We look to capture it in a way that describes both the bride and the groom's personalities and the love you share with each other. 

Wedding and portrait photography have not only given me a creative outlet but also an emotional one. I absolutely love every minute of the wedding day. Being around a group of people enjoying one of the most important days in their lives is truly priceless. I build friendships and bonds with every couple that allows us to become part of their day. We become not just a vendor taking pictures, but a friend who wants to capture every emotion from getting ready through the last dance. We are not just documenting the day, but truly capturing all the love, feelings, emotions, and memories.

Our value is also in how absolutely easy we will make the process of capturing your day. You will never feel overwhelmed with the process of taking pictures. Much of our energy is focused on keeping it fun, laughing, no stress, keeping things moving and getting you back to your family and friends as soon as possible.

I will be with you from getting ready through the last dance. No time limits on any packages!